There is no one "yachting lifestyle"

Exotic or urbane, high-profile or highly private, tailor your perfect yacht vacation

A Mediterranean Riviera cruise suits those who like to see and be seen in some of Europe’s most famous society hotspots.

 For those craving a sandy isle, swaying palm trees, and no one for miles, there are already yachts in the Caribbean just waiting for you to step aboard. Snorkelers’ paradises abound in Asia, while American coastlines boast New World charm with every amenity.

The variety of possibilities doesn’t end with location: from legendary sailing yachts to impressive motor yachts, your vacation is endlessly customizable. Imagine sailing in an afternoon bay breeze, the wind being expertly harnessed and your champagne flutes pleasantly bottomless.

Charter a Experience

A sailing yacht can combine the unforgettably sublime experience of a yacht charter with witnessing the true majesty of a floating legend in her element.

From excursions and private chefs, to itineraries and bespoke cocktails, every detail of your day is treated with the utmost care..

For larger groups or family trips, a motor yacht has more decks, more toys, and more comfort than a 5-star hotel, all reserved exclusively for you.
Whether you are privately celebrating an engagement, a milestone birthday with friends, or doing something altogether different, the one thing every yacht vacation can promise is that chartering a superyacht means you are exquisitely looked after. Professional crew anticipate and satisfy your every need, before you even realise you have it.

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